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The Messianic Hope – Is the Hebrew Bible Really Messianic

“The Hebrew word mashiach is commonly and accurately translated as “anointed”. It is used 39 times in the Hebrew Bible, generally with another noun, such as “the anointed priest”. The word also has a technical meaning, commonly translated as “the Messiah” and defined by W.H. Rose as “a future Royal figure sent by God who will bring salvation to God’s people and the world and establish a kingdom characterised by features such as peace and justice.”

From “The Messianic Hope – Is the Hebrew Bible Really Messianic” by Michael Rydelnik

Can you be Jewish
and believe in Jesus

From the New Testament until today, Jewish people have believed in Jesus while maintaining their Jewish heritage. They believe in Him despite the pressure of a growing secular culture, where neither being Jewish nor following Jesus is very popular. When asked why they believe in the Jewish Messiah, most of today’s Jewish followers of Yeshua would simply say it is because He fulfils the Messianic prophecies found in the Hebrew Scriptures. And even more so, these Messianic Jews have experienced God in ways they never had before they embraced Yeshua as their Messiah. It is hard to argue with another person’s experience!

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I follow the greatest Rabbi of all time!


Growing up Jewish in a family in Columbus, Ohio where everyone seemed to be talking at once, it was no surprise when Diane became an attorney and an active leader in the synagogue. Although warned by her old-world grandmother to be careful about Christian antisemitism, Diane was drawn to a book entitled, Rabbi Jesus.

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