Messianic Jewish Art Calendar 2019-2020

In honour of the Mission’s 125th year of ministry, this commemorative calendar chronicles our formation, growth, and development with images from as early as 1898.

Israel Tour 2020

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the land of Israel? The Holy Land is a place where the past meets the present and the words of Scripture come alive to embrace both. It is an experience that can transform the life of a believer in Jesus. A trip to Israel will draw you closer to the Lord and give you a whole new perspective on your walk with God.

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Stories of Hope

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Graduating from high school should be exciting, but Kirt was filled with fear as he thought about the future. One night, Kirt had an undeniably supernatural experience, and he began to follow Jesus. Unfortunately, Kirt’s family and friends were angry with his decision, and they arranged to have him committed to a mental ward. In spite of this horrible experience, Kirt refused to let go of his Messiah.

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