NEW! English for Life in Canada

Now you can join our ESL classes that start in March.  Improve your skills in speaking, reading, writing and understanding everyday English. Register today!

Antisemitism Petition

Stand with us and the Canadian Jewish community so that we can condemn antisemitism with one strong voice.  We cannot allow acts of hate to continue in our country! Sign the Petition to Prime Minister Trudeau.

Digital Passover Seder

Our missionary staff are ready to bring pre-recorded messages or virtual presentations via Skype or Zoom to your church, such as Messiah in the Passover, The Future of Israel, and much more! Contact us.

Join our Watchmen for Jerusalem Program

Watchmen for Jerusalem is a monthly giving program for Partners of Chosen People Ministries (Canada).

Do you have a passion to serve God’s chosen people? Here is what you can do!

Visit A Messianic Congregation

Messianic congregations are faith communities that stress the Jewish context of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

Full Time Ministry:

Interested in becoming a full-time ministry worker with us?

Stories of Hope

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Graduating from high school should be exciting, but Kirt was filled with fear as he thought about the future. One night, Kirt had an undeniably supernatural experience, and he began to follow Jesus. Unfortunately, Kirt’s family and friends were angry with his decision, and they arranged to have him committed to a mental ward. In spite of this horrible experience, Kirt refused to let go of his Messiah.

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