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Can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus

From the New Testament until today, Jewish people have believed in Jesus while maintaining their Jewish heritage. These Messianic Jews have experienced God in ways they never had before they embraced Yeshua as their Messiah. It is hard to argue with another person’s experience!

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Is the state of Israel a fulfilment of prophecy?

Is the modern state of Israel fulfillment of prophecy? Even if we concede for the moment that the Jewish people’s continuing presence is evidence for the reliability of the Bible, we are well within our rights to raise other concerns. What, for example, is the connection between the Jewish people and the highly contested real estate in the Middle East that makes up modern-day Israel?

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Purpose Filled Suffering – Latest Newsletter

Many think a good God would never allow people to suffer because suffering hurts, and a good God should alleviate pain. If removing pain is beneficial, and an all-good, all-powerful God exists, it would make sense for this God to eliminate all pain, right?


A response to the war between
Israel and Hamas

As a ministry to Jewish people and a fellowship of Messianic congregations comprised of Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus, we deplore the actions of Hamas and their sympathizers and are horrified by the heinous acts which commenced on October 7, 2023 and continue to this day.

At this critical time in Israel’s history, we, as a ministry to Jewish people, are compelled to explicitly declare these affirmations. We invite you to join us in standing with Israel during this difficult time by adding your signature to this document.

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