The Passover celebrates God’s actions in Egypt and points to later demonstrations of God’s saving power in the land of Israel and the development of Jewish and Christian traditions that teach these truths throughout history.  The marvelous thing about the Passover is that it not only commemorates a milestone of the past, but also connects us to a glorious future. Believers will be affirmed knowing they worship a God who keeps His promises and remains ever faithful. The Passover is a picture of God’s love and salvation. It is a story of forgiveness, deliverance, hope, and reconciliation. The redemption of Israel from Egyptian slavery points us towards an even greater story of deliverance through the promised Messiah of Israel.

-Darrell L. Bock

Messiah in the Passover Presentation Introduction


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Messiah in the Passover is for everyone. This Passover reference book discusses biblical and theological issues, Jewish and church history, and rabbinic traditions. It also includes a Messianic Family Haggadah (Passover guidebook) as well as Passover recipes and lessons for your children. Plus you will find many more helps in the back of the book. Messiah in the Passover will give you a deeper appreciation for the Passover celebration within the Jewish community and enable you to share the message of the Lamb of God through the Passover with your Jewish Friends.

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