Marcello Araujo

Marcello Araujo was born and raised in a Jewish family in Ecuador, South America.

As he grew up, this nice Jewish boy became a political activist who wanted to change the world through Marxism.

Marcello studied drama and eventually formed a politically-oriented theatre troupe designed to spread the “good news” of the gospel according to Marx.  However, in 1992, Marcello heard the true Good News and was transformed by his relationship with Jesus the Jewish Messiah. 

Marcello has said, “I wanted to change the world through Marxism, not knowing that God wanted me to be part of His world-changing plan, by sharing His love and the true Gospel, the Gospel of life, the Gospel of Yeshua.” 

Today, Marcello uses drama and other creative means to effectively communicate the Good News of Messiah to the lost sheep of Israel.

Chosen People Ministries (Canada) is pleased to have Marcello and his wife, Diana, on our team in the Greater Toronto Area.  Together, they bring many years of ministry experience and a passion for Jewish evangelism.