We Believe in Prayer

Thank you for joining our Kotel Prayer Partner Team. Our hope has been that small groups of people across Canada would gather together to pray for Israel and Jewish evangelism. Perhaps you are already part of such a group! Perhaps the Lord will call you to form one in the days to come. Of course, with current COVID-19 restrictions, we hope you will not practice unsafe gatherings. But you might consider praying for Israel with others by phone or online. Be creative!

We will email you materials that should fuel your prayer times, such as reports from our Chosen People Ministries staff members in Israel or here in Canada and news reports from Israel. How and when you pray is between you and the Lord, but we thank you for being watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem and bringing the Jewish people before God (Isaiah 62:6). If you have any questions, please be sure to write us at kotel@chosenpeople.ca. Shalom in Messiah Jesus!


Dufferin-Lawrence PO Box 58103
Toronto, ON M6A 3C8