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  • Jorge Sedaca
    Jorge Sedaca

    Executive Director of Chosen People Ministries (Canada) since the fall of 2010, Jorge Sedaca brings vast experience in the areas of congregational planting, missions, leadership development, as well as teaching and preaching ministries.
    Jorge was born in Spain and raised in Argentina, Uruguay and the USA. He is a second generation Jewish believer. His father, Victor Sedaca, was a pioneer in the Messianic movement in the US and Latin America. His brother, David, has been a well-known leader in the international Messianic movement and currently works with Chosen People Ministries in the US.
    Although his first call to ministry was in the area of music and worship, Jorge ultimately surrendered to God’s call to preach and teach His Word, as well as to become a church planting missionary. In this capacity, he pastored in Argentina, Louisiana, and Michigan.
    His passion to reach the lost sheep of Israel and educate the Gentile church to do the same has provided him with many opportunities to speak at conferences, seminars, and workshops in Latin America and North America.
    Jorge has a Bachelor’s degree from the Buenos Aires Municipal Conservatory of Music (Argentina) and a Master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Texas). He is pursuing his Doctor of Ministry degree in Missions and Leadership Development from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Missouri).
    Jorge and Marta Sedaca have three grown children, two granddaughters and a grandson (now with the Lord).


Sep 27 2020


10:30 AM

Olivet Baptist Church – Meaford, ON – Sedaca

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YOM KIPPUR – The Day of Atonement

In the Hebrew Bible (TANACH), Yom Kippur is called ‘Yom Hakippurim’ – literally ‘The Day of Atonements or Coverings’ (Leviticus 23:27-32). It is the only day for which the Lord commanded His people to fast. 

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