Alan Shore

Alan Shore is a Jewish believer who experienced his own Damascus Road in the city of Paris in 1974. Since then, he has had a variety of ministry-oriented vocations including serving as a pastor and an instructor in biblical studies on the university level. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA (1991) and recently received a Ph.D. in Modern Jewish History and Culture from the Graduate Theological Union (2016).

Serving as a National Ministry Representative with Chosen People Ministries, Alan serves the Lord by speaking in churches, presenting a variety of messages that stress the Jewish roots of Christian faith. In addition to teaching and presenting Bible-centered messages, Alan also is available for the dramatic presentation called A Chosen Vessel – the Life and Legacy of the Apostle Paul. This fifty-minute play, set in the prison where Paul is awaiting execution, is a recollection of his life and ministry that is completely faithful to the record of the Scripture.

Through this presentation, you will join Paul on the road to Damascus and share the moment that would change his life forever. You will journey to the cities where he and his companions proclaim the life-giving Word of Messiah. Each person and place come alive through the literary ability of the author and the gripping portrayal of the actor. As the play unfolds, you will find yourself becoming increasingly involved with the scenes and the powerfully presented Gospel message. A Chosen Vessel – the Life and Legacy of the Apostle Paul is an experience that is not soon forgotten.